Does your business need an online community?

by Tricia

“Online Community” is a critical idea when it comes to digital marketing strategy. I know this sounds weird, but I believe it is both the most over-hyped and under-hyped word in the marketing landscape. Here’s why …

Community is over-hyped because too many think they have an “online community” when they don’t. A community is not a list of customers or a group of social media followers. It’s much deeper than that, much more important than that.

Community is under-hyped because so many people believe this is the future of marketing. I’m one of them by the way. And most companies are missing out.

As many traditional marketing tactics like advertising and SEO fade away (yes, they are) one of the most powerful ideas is to help people feel like they belong to something.

This is such a HUGE subject and one I begin to explore more deeply on the new episode of The Marketing Companion podcast.

I’ve re-launched the podcast to feature six different co-hosts to expand the depth of the discussions. This week I bring back Brooke Sellas (YAY!), who of course was my regular co-host for many years. We’re both struggling to define the nature and importance of community and our conversation will make you re-think your own ideas of community and where we go from here.

And we also discuss the day Mark won a “best legs” contest. Surely, this is worthy of your attention friends?

As always, there will be new ideas and lots of laughs when Brooke is around so what are waiting for? Just click here:

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