Trump Hunt

I created this game as my own personal protest against Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The game consists of Donald Trump chasing after his hair which is represented by a guinea pig. In order to catch the guinea pig the player jumps over blocks while avoiding spikes. The aim of the game is to collect millions of dollars.

1. Concept

You’re playing as Donald Trump, trying to jump over blocks to collect Millions of Dollars. It was originally planned for Trump to jump over his opponents of the 2016 election, Muslims and Mexicans. But this concept had to be canceled after the sprites were to hard to identify at a high speed. The spikes were piles of crap at first and had to be changed because Apple wouldn’t publish it otherwise.

2. Design

For this game I chose the same graphic style as in Pix Splash . A pixel style in combination with modern flat design for the UI elements. The colors are bright and childish to address a bigger audience.

3. Development

The game uses the same code elements as Pix Splash . For the most part the controls and other in game mechanics have been added or changed.

4. Honorable Mentions

"Trump Hunt makes fun and is very challenging"
- Chip

"It's harder as it seems"
- Galileo

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