Pix Splash

This is the first game I published myself on the App Store. The player assists the little ink splash to make its way through the world of Pix Splash. Two buttons are used to change its color, to cross stained fields and to jump over obstacles. Players can enjoy the two- dimensional world in three different settings.

1. Concept

The player is playing as a little ink splash who tries to overcome obstacles. Therefore he has to jump over blocks and gabs and switch the color of the ink splash to overcome color puddles. Like in most arcade games, the player hast to reach a new high score.

2. Design

The design of the game had to be simple and remind players of and old arcade game. But I wanted to add a modern touch as well. This is why I combined a pixel retro style with modern clean flat design. The colours are bright and childish to address a bigger audience.

3. Development

The game was developed in C++ using the Cocos2D-x framework . I also had in mind using the Unreal Engine, Unity or Starling, but at this point Cocos2D-x was the easies way to realise an iOS game for iPhone and iPad.

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