To try something new and to play with UI animations and flat design, I created 324, a puzzle game where you can stack different colors, until they become a universal color which you can stack again to reach a highscore. This game is still in production and will be released when completed.

1. Concept

The game was inspired by similar games such as Threes, 2048, Lolo and Puppo. The player has to swipe in different directions to move circles in three different colours in a 4x4 grid. By swiping in one direction another circle is added to the grid. Circles with the same color can be stacked onto each other. Every time a circle is stacked, the sum is increased. If the value is higher than 3 the circle color turns black. All the black circles can be stacked again. The objective is to beat your or your friends high score.

2. Design

The main purpose for this game was driven by its design. I wanted to try something new and play around with different animations, transitions and colors. The graphic style is a minimalistic and clean flat design.

3. Development

The game is developed in C#, using Unity as Engine. After my thesis I felt more comfortable using Unity alternative to Cocos2D-x. This game is in its final stages of development.

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